Pink Floyd - The Wall - Progbrasil

Pink Floyd


Titulo: The Wall
Ano de Lançamento: 1979
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Faixas: Componentes:
In the flesh? 00:03:17
The thin ice 00:02:28
Another brick in the wall Part one 00:03:41
The happiest days of our lives 00:01:20
Another brick in the wall Part two 00:03:56
Mother 00:05:32
Goodbye blue sky 00:02:48
Empty spaces 00:05:36
Young lust 00:02:03
One of my turns 00:01:33
Don't leave me now 00:04:22
Another brick in the wall Part three 00:01:17
Goodbye cruel world 00:01:05
Hey you 00:04:39
Is there anybody out there! 00:02:40
Nobody home 00:03:25
Vera 00:01:38
Bring the boys back home 00:00:50
Comfortably Numb 00:06:49
The show must go on 00:01:36
In the flesh 00:04:16
Run like hell 00:04:22
Waiting for the worms 00:03:56
Stop 00:00:34
The trial 00:05:16
Outside the wall 00:01:42
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