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Álbum novo do Collage a caminho, com participação especial de Steve Rothery (23/Oct/18)

A banda Collage está gravando álbum novo. E acabou de confirmar, em sua página oficial no Facebook, que o guitarrista Steve Rothery, do Marillion, dará uma canja. Vejam o anúncio original, em inglês:

"Hello Everyone,

It seems that we can officially announce Steve Rothery appearing as a guest on our new album (time to finish soon)! Steve's just recorded his solo part for "Man In The Middle" song, which we were performing live in Warsaw. To cut a long story short it's really incredible what happened. After the venue we got an email from Steve, offering his solo act for College's track. What's more he emphasized he was having much fun while playing together Marillion's evergreens. Well, we rubbed our eyes with astonishment. Steve anticipated us. However, we also knew, we had a wonderful concert together and we felt really great on the stage. Like in a real band! Awesome stuff! And it's probably not the end. Steve offered us to be a special guests at his concerts. Need more? Soon.... :-) well.... Dreams come true sometimes."

Fonte :Facebook oficial da banda Collage