Metal Mind Productions

Artista Título Lançado em Catalog
After No Attachments 2011 MMP CD 0698 DG
Believe Yesterday is a Friend 2008
Believe The Bread is Mine 2009 MMPCD 0669
Believe The World is Round 2011 MMPCD 0682
Caamora Journey s End: An Acoustic Anthology 2008 MASSCD1237DGD
Caamora She 2008 MASSCD1116DD
Credo This Is What We Do - Live in POland 2009 MMP DVD 0175
Final Conflict Another Moment in Time 2009 MMPDVD 0173
Neo Broadcast 2006 MVDV4578
Osada Vida The Body Parts Party 2008
Osada Vida Uninvited Dreams 2009 MMPCD0674
Osada Vida Where the Devils Live 2012 MMP DVD 0200
Overhead Live After All 2009 MMPDVD0181
Pendragon And Now Everybody to The Stage 2006 MMP DVD 0085
Pendragon Past and Presence 2007 MMPDVD0104
Pendragon Concerto Maximo 2009 MMP DVD 0171
RPWL The RPWL Live Experience 2009 MMPDVD0186
Satellite Into The Night 2007
Satellite Nostalgia 2009 MMPCD0658
SBB The Rock 2007 MMPCD 0557

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